Post Hole and Ground Digging

Post Holes

Post Hole Digging - Digger Machine - By HandAnother service that we offer is post hole augering by either machine or hand. This is crucial in the alignment of the whole project.

Any structure that must be erected requires a strong footing. Posts come in two standard sizes - 4x4 and 6x6 diameters. They can either be placed above grade with the use of a concrete base encased in a sonotube, or below grade by the post itself, wrapped in concrete. In our northern climate, the constant freeze and thaw cycle wreaks havoc on these structures. The standard depth should be no less than 3 1/2 to 4 feet. This ensures that the frost does not grab a hold of the post and shift it out of alignment. If any "reputable" company tells you otherwise, they are trying to cut costs and corners.

A land survey should be done by the local municipality to provide you with the necessary boundaries of your property. This is vital in case of present or future disputes with neighbors regarding the placement of the structure. Do not take chances to save a few dollars. You do not want to find out down the road that your fence is infringing a few inches onto your neighbor's property. This could possibly lead to you being responsible to take down the structure, creating a migraine the size of the task at hand.

The local service companies (gas, water, phone, and hydro) should be contacted so that they can send out a technician free of charge to locate these lines.

Remember to call "before" you dig.

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