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Wood Renewal and Staining

Deck Renewal and Restoration - Exterior Painting and StainingAll wooden structures, old and new, will weather if left uncared for. An older structure that has naturally aged to a dull silver may still be brought back to life by applying a thorough cleaning with wood renewal compounds such as brighteners. In conjunction, pressure washing may also be a viable option if used in a delicate manner as to not strip or fray the wood grain. These methods will bring the structure back to a near original state and therefore allow you to proceed in sealing your investment with either a stain, transparent, semi-transparent, or solid. Newly built structures should be stained as soon as possible before they begin to naturally fade. Direct sunlight and high levels of moisture will speed up the aging process.

The following are the different Wood Types for staining:


New spruce lumber usually has a high moisture content. Be sure to let the lumber dry. Check for moisture. Mill glaze removal should be done by using a restorer or sanding. Spruce should be stained or the wood will deteriorate prematurely. Spruce normally is not used in exterior applications as there is no deep penetrating preservative agents within it.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood can be stained. The actual process of treating the wood involves liquid preservatives being soaked and drawn into the wood which saturates it even further. It may take a period of time before pressure treated wood has time to dry out. This type is the most common used in exterior applications.

Redwood and Cedar

Redwood and cedar are premium natural decking materials. The natural process for weathering gives these woods a grayed exterior. Once this occurs, it acts much like a barrier and protects from further deterioration. The strong tannins in these woods are natural preservatives. If you desire another colour other than gray weathered wood you must remove these dead wood fibers and ensure the wood is dry before staining.

Rough Sawn Lumber

This lumber has an attractive rustic finish. It is commonly used on siding and fences. When staining this type of lumber, remember that it is porous and has an uneven surface. If you choose a semi-transparent finish, keep in mind the uneven cut may also show an uneven colour. This will be most noticeable in the darker semi-transparent stain colours. The key to this surface is to clean with a wire brush and pressure wash to dislodge dirt and wood fibers. Rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly. Check dryness using a moisture meter.


Composite decking does not need to be stained but needs to be cleaned regularly.

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